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It is obvious from this data that the SONAR-JET® method of cleaning will restore a bore's blocked screens back to nearly original condition.

Rian Moore
Hydrological Project Manager
Water Direct Limited, AU

We feel that the excellent results of your SONAR-JET®
water well cleaning system should be documented. All three of the wells that were SONAR-JET® cleaned experienced substantial increase in yield. We wish that we had heard of SONAR-JET® years ago.

Howard E. Smith
Green River Golfclub

It is a pleasure to let you know the well produces what we expected, the drawdown has not exceeded our expectations. Without SONAR-JET® this would not have had happened.

G.G. Johnson
General Manager
Fern Valley Water District

I am certain these excellent results would not have been achieved without the use of SONAR-JET®.

Patrick Law
Mechanical Department
Las Vegas Valley Water District

The television tapes of the well screen were like night and day. After the treatment, the well screen looked like it was just installed brand new.

Dick Abramson
Layne-Western Company, Inc.

We are please with the results of the SONAR-JET® cleaning you performed on our Water Well # 3. The pumping rate has increased from 620 gpm to 845 gpm. Water Well # 4: The pumping rate has increased from 565 gpm to 855 gpm.

P.C. Fuselier
Mobil Oil Corporation