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SONAR-JET® is a patented process which uses a custom fabricated detonating cord that produces a slower burn rate and has a greater gas-producing capability than a standard detonating cord. SONAR-JET® works by using A mild harmonic frequency of shock waves to disintegrate mineral and bacterial deposits. The detonating cord has a series of pressure compensators to produce a 100 millisecond delay at each compensator point, creating a water pick effect, while pulsing the water at a high velocity back and forth through perforations to deep clean the productive aquifer. SONAR-JET® has 50 years of proven results and costs much less than other less effective well rehabilitation methods. In fact, SONAR-JET® produces 100% specific capacity results on average and has improved some yields in excess of 400%. In this section we will elaborate on the SONAR-JET® process and compare it to other current well rehabilitation methods.