Water Well Redevelopers, Inc. was founded and incorporated in 1954 by Robert D. Challacombe. Robert developed the SONAR-JET® technology in 1958 and began using it in the Southern California area. In 1972 SONAR-JET® received it's first patent. By 1985 there were 25 SONAR-JET® dealerships in the U.S. Brad Challacombe, President, had joined the corporation in 1980. Since it's inception, SONAR-JET® has received a second and third pantent, incorporating many improvements to enhance safety and results. As technology advances,  SONAR-JET® utilizes the most recent innovations in the well rehabilitation industry. Simply put,  SONAR-JET® remains on the cutting edge of today's technology. There are 43 dealerships world wide, including our most recent dealers in Perth, Melbourne, Queensland and New South Wells Australia.
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